7 Days and Counting

At 8:15 pm tonight we will complete one full week without power. In some ways I feel like we are living in A Little House on the Prairie story. Many people have offered to host us and even drive to us to bring supplies. We are very blessed to have so many kind people in our lives.

Today my husband went back to work so that left two of us home in a very cold house. When everyone is suffering together it is easier for me to remain cheerful because I focus on encouraging others. However, when we are the last people to get power I begin entertaining self-pity. One thing I know for certain, I have seen God work in this hardship for His kingdom purposes. Relationships have been restored. Walls of resistance to the Gospel are breaking down. In my own heart I know I am much more compassionate when I suffer alongside others. This is part of incarnating Christ’s love to others.

Lincoln Park is still without power. My Somerset office opens up tomorrow.

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