Feedback & Testimonials

At my first appointment I felt very comfortable and you prayed with me. I also felt you were sincerely listening because your responses and feedback were clear and specific to me and my situations. You were kind but also spoke truth to me with confidence that was genuine. You asked really good and insightful questions which challenged me to think. I loved and received so much understanding from your drawn visuals! I still go back to them and remind myself to think differently to resolve conflicts.

The biblical truths, questions asked, and discussions all worked together to impart light and understanding and give me the sense that the priority was that I be helped to know God better, not just gain knowledge. You were objective and confrontational in love. Also you shared about your own life experience from time to time which helped me also.

Your listening skills were calming and reassuring. I knew I could fully explain myself without judgment or interruption. Furthermore, you demonstrated genuine interest in my situation and my healing which made me quickly realize that I could be transparent in our sessions.

Your intellectual approach to counseling was also very refreshing. You resorted to biblical knowledge during our discussions rather than subjective opinions. My issues were so changeable and emotional, and yet you helped me to ground myself in sound biblical truths (what I could KNOW was true about God and His character).

Your counseling was also practical as well as relational and intellectual. You provided me with a workbook, suggested reading and realistic memorization assignments which empowered me to gain self-sufficiency and the brain tools I needed to control my emotions. You even went above and beyond in the area of thoughtful generosity by providing me with supplements for my health concerns.

I thought that your survey asked some very in-depth questions. I know that you gave one to my husband as well. We each had the opportunity to be honest with you privately. I appreciated that very much. It told me that you knew there were two perspectives. You did not treat us as one entity, as is common in the Christian community, at least in my experience.

Upon meeting you, I waited to see how you dealt with each of us. You seemed even-handed and non-judgmental. You made me comfortable. I trusted God to work through you. He did. You allowed me the freedom to come to the choices that God guided me to. You respected me as a person and a sister in Christ.

When you said that you were praying for us, and then me, I knew you were. You have a much better understanding of God’s word than I do and you have been gracious to share that with me. You are gentle in the manner in which you deliver the truth. You help me to refocus my heart and mind upwards and not at eye-level. You were supportive and are genuine. You stood with me during some very difficult things. You are trustworthy.

You are a woman of God, you know God’s word very well and deeply. You are honest. You deliver hard things in a non-judgmental manner. You have a way of putting things that makes it easy to understand and to apply. Your advice is from God’s word and not yours.

Before we even met you told me you had been praying for me and asking God for wisdom. And then you opened up in prayer. I knew right away I could trust you.

I can highly recommend Cheryl as someone who helped me individually and also my marriage – not just as someone who will listen to you vent. She gets her instruction from God’s word. She is direct, yet you never feel judged by her.

Hearing your prayers and your counseling, I was convinced that God is working through you. I also saw improvements in the problem that caused me to seek counseling. I was both encouraged and challenged by our conversations.

Cheryl is a woman of God, and is very dedicated to seeking God’s wisdom to help address your problem, even if it is an area in which she has not previously counseled. She seeks wisdom from Scripture, from Christian books, and from other Christian counselors to provide the most help possible. She is very bold, yet gentle. She thoughtfully prays for you, and even thanks God for allowing her to work with you! She never makes you feel like a burden – just a God-given opportunity.

You seemed sincere and made it obvious that you had my best interest at heart. You prepared materials for follow-up visits pertaining to whatever the issue was that we previously discussed, to help reinforce the tool(s) I should use to better myself. You were very personable and easy to talk to.

I’ve learned from Cheryl that you can’t go day to day trying to live life on your own. She will help you understand that without Jesus as your savior, you will continuously be bound to all your idolatries. She is very easy to talk to, won’t ever judge you, and will really take the time to help see you through whatever you’re going through. She started off as someone I saw in times of complete despair, and now I would consider her a friend for life.

You helped me work through the different emotions I was feeling, and reminded me of Jesus teaching on different subjects that eventually lead to a more peaceful life. I appreciate your knowledge of the Bible and your calm, soft voice.

I was so nervous and tense, but you were calming, kind, patient, and seemed to genuinely want to help me. I think you really care about me, and I feel like you are a genuine friend. I think you have many life experiences and training that are valuable for me to hear about. You are flexible and patient with me when it comes to scheduling. You are real, and your faith is real, and your heart and gift is to impart wisdom.

You were very easy to talk to and, from what I can tell, have a very sound understanding of the scriptures, as well as the ability to convey God’s word in way that is well received by others…

Very sound biblical counseling with a loving balance of truth and affection. Very understanding, and compassionate. It’s obvious that the Lord is actively working through you to reach the lost, and also those in need of spiritual revival.

I would tell them that you’re a REALLY easy person to talk to. You also have GREAT insight into the real root of problems! Oftentimes things are not exactly as they seem. There’s a deeper problem… and you have a really great way of getting to what that problem is. I’m not a very “open” person… I loved how you TOTAlly made me feel comfortable..sympathized with my situation…and HELPED me!! I have had points where I’m like, “I can’t wait to talk to Cheryl about this!” You have a great view on every situation. It’s really nice and refreshing!!!

I valued your overall demeanor, perceived strength of character, and relatability. You exhibited great patience with my lack of response at times and slow progress. You gave what I felt was valuable, balanced, wise advice, which many times was practical and always Christ-centered.

If someone is intent on problem-solving and growing in the context of their Christian faith being the center of life, then you can help facilitate that in a compassionate and relatively neutral way (as “neutral” as is possible for us humans).

I liked your style and the office setting. You helped me to realize that the issues I had are common.

You are very knowledgeable, easy to talk to you, non judgemental, asks a lot of questions that get you thinking, and of course, everything is based on Scripture.

You listened carefully. The first thing you pointed me to was the Biblical framework for processing my problems. You are a good listener and uncompromisingly Biblical in advice and perspective. I thought the use of questions was better than just telling me what to do or think. It caused me to dig deeper for answers.