Hurricand Sandy and Aftermath

In the churches where I work in central and north Jersey we have no power or heat. This means I have no place to schedule appointments. As soon as I am able I will reschedule all cancellations with my clients. At the moment I am writing this post from our local Panera since we have no power, heat, or internet at home, either.

Here is a thought for all of us undergoing this trial. Go out in your neighborhood and ask the neighbors how they are doing. Go visit people from your church and ask if they need water, candles, food, or anything you can bring. Go sit and talk with them. Eric and I helped move branches and brought coffee to neighbors and church friends. It was good to get out of the cold, dark house. Our friend Pam made the coffee and muffins. We were encouraged just by reaching out to others and we thought less of our own trial. Remember, when we do this in the name of Jesus He considers we did it directly for Him.

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