If Love Moves Toward People Why Am I Running Away?

In my last post I quoted Professor David Powlison of www.ccef.org and www.wts.edu who says “Love moves toward people.” This phrase has stuck with me since my first class with Dr. Powlison. It serves as a plumb line to help me see where and when I veer off from God’s truth.

When we move toward people in love they hurt us, expose our failures, treat us selfishly, and we quickly lose our motivation to love because they do not reward us with affirmation, success or other desires. We lose sight of God-centered motivation and we are frequently distracted by other pursuits. I become so preoccupied with trying to fulfill my desires for my own confidence and glory that people become objects that are either a means or obstruction to my end.

Christ kept his eyes on his Father and what pleased Him. Christ knew the Father loved him completely. This freed him to love us for the Father’s sake. When we are secure in the Father’s love, loving others is natural. Jesus is the ultimate example of love that moves towards people. When we see that the Father loves us in Christ we will move toward others with this same love.

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