The Gospel Seminar, developed by a seasoned biblical counselor, Jeff Stark, is designed to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ into clearer focus for people who have lost the joy and dynamism of their salvation.

Every day in counseling I ask counselees to explain to me what the gospel is.  Sadly, most church going people cannot communicate what the gospel is in positive terms. Usually I hear, “The gospel is that Jesus Christ died so that I don’t have to go to hell”.  While this is true, functionally, it means that many people do not consider that the gospel is relevant for them until they are nearing the end of their lives.  Even those who can clearly communicate the gospel in positive terms do not understand how believing in the gospel would change the dynamic between them and their spouse, their children, or their co-workers.

The Gospel Seminar aims to clearly teach and apply the gospel to each person’s life so that you can enjoy the present benefits of faith-union with Christ right now.

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