The Grid Is Up

It was 8 days and 15 minutes without power. At first we had a lot of family bonding but when the temperatures fell to 40 some degrees in the house we were ready to return to the 21st century. Actually it wasn’t until the power went back on that I realized how stressed the 8 days had been. It felt like I had been holding my breath waiting for the power to return. That is when I recognized that I had not been resting in Christ but rather gritting my teeth.

I turned to Psalm 23 and wrote my personalized version of it. I am thankful that God is faithful even when we are so preoccupied with our troubles.

Psalm 23 personalized
You, Lord, are my shepherd.
I will not suffer loss of what is most important.
You will bring me to green and restful places.
You do and always will restore my soul.
You will lead me in your straight, righteous path for your glory and fame.

Sometimes I walk through dark places and difficult circumstances,
Even threats of disaster and death.
But I do not have to be afraid because you are always with me.
You never leave me alone.
You guide me and correct me and keep me in your way.
I will not get lost. This is a sure comfort that I can always count on you.

You feed me and meet all of my needs even though I am sometimes
Surrounded by those who seek my harm.
You bless me, heal me, strengthen me until
I am overflowing with praise for your goodness.
Your goodness and mercy surround me.
Your Son has prepared my home with Him and
I will be with Him forever.

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