You Know God? Does He Know You?

To know God is to know Him relationally and treasure His character and person. To know God is to be in intimate relationship with Him. When we know God personally we know His character and personality and His person changes us. We love what He loves and we desire to please Him. There is no intimate knowledge of God that is not life transforming. To come near the Holy One results in being made holy or being destroyed. There is no neutrality. Adam hid from God. Moses climbed the mountain to be near God and his face shone with reflected glory.

Many people claim to be Christians but their god is an after thought. The true God of Glory is a consuming fire. We do not manage God. If we think we can navigate Christianity on our own terms we are seriously deceived.

The Apostle John’s purpose in writing 1John is to turn on the light for professing Christians. If you say you have relationship with The Holy One then you will not practice sin. And if you do sin you will be grieved and repentant. That is the basis and the nature of relationship with our Holy God.

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